A.W.A.H. BVBA is a Belgian Rope Access company that specializes in carrying out works in hard to reach places using industrial rope access techniques. We are also specialized in delivering and installing fall protection products and in giving customized training on location to third parties.
Rope access is a legal working method that offers a very safe alternative to other systems such as scaffolding, elevated platforms, suspended cradles, cranes, etc., also because these are not always possible.
Advantages of Rope Access
quick installation and removal of access to the workplace
time and cost saving compared to more conventional methods such as scaffolding, elevated platforms, etc.
no hindrance to others
very safe solution for any height, depth, above water, etc.


A.W.A.H. BVBA has the VCA-ISO9001
Safety, health and the environment are a priority for us and for others.
Avoiding accidents, near-accidents or risky situations is a must for this company. That is why we draw up a specific safety plan for each job.
As A.W.A.H BVBA has received certifications such as VCA-ISO9001-Offshore and as it has sufficient own personnel with very extensive certifications, we can always offer a very fast solution to your problems without having to reply on third parties (subcontractors). Our company can tackle small, medium and large projects and can supply references upon demand.

Our work area is quite diverse and
we can offer solutions for amongst others:

industrial cleaning
(dis)assembly, demolition, repairs
inspections - NDT testing
supply and installation of fall protection products